Naturally good cosmetics

Longlasting organic skincare produced in harmony with nature.

longlasting & refillable cosmetics

Longlasting & Refillable

organic cosmetics

100% Organic

no plastic & regenerative

No Plastic & Regenerative

Feels good,
does good.



We support nature with 1m2 of biodiversity per product we produce.

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Try to find less ingredients elsewhere.

That’s right! We use few ingredients and no complex chemical formulas. No water, no fillers, no perfumes or parabens and almost no preservatives at all. Guess why? We want 100% effectiveness and transparency.

organic cosmetics with very few ingredients
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You don't get trust for free.

That's why we rely on transparency and also on known seals. All products are independently certified by Natrue organic cosmetics or natural cosmetics. Unavoidable emissions are compensated with Climate Partner. Our vegan products are marked with the PETA approved vegan seal. 

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No to plastic!

Refill system

For all our products we use a refill system. For example our oils come with a recyclable cork dispenser that can be reused.

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our products

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Team of 4 People Who Care

We are 4 people who care

Hello to people
who care as well.

We care. For organic handmade cosmetics. For our ecosystems and biodiversity as well. Combined this means providing 1m2 biodiversity per product we sell, and you buy. Great teamwork btw.

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